Important information for ANWCC Championship contenders and event organisers.

Motorsport UK recently announced changes to the structure and status of competition licences and event permits for 2020. The National B grade has been replaced by Interclub, and competitors on such events will require a RS Interclub (or higher) grade of licence. As before Stage Rally Drivers will require a Stage Rally Driver grade, called RS Interclub Stage.

Autotests, Production Car Autotests, Autosolos and Car Trials can all be run at Clubman status and still qualify for our ANWCC Championships (Regulation D4.5.4). For these events and championships competitors will require the new RS Clubman competition licence (this includes passengers as well) ... the good news is that the RS Clubman licence is FREE!

Motorsport UK announced yesterday (19 December) on their website Facebook pages that the British Trials and British Autotest Championships can be made up of Clubman status events ... the regulations (D4.5.4) already permitted Regional Associations to include such events. Most of our ANWCC Trials, and some of the Autotests, are also qualifiers for the Motorsport UK British Championships ... so this relaxation means that we are asking all the organisers of ANWCC qualifying Trials and Autotests to run at Clubman status. The Production Car Autotests and Autosolos were already running at Clubman status, so no change to those.

What does this mean for competitors?

Well, if you are only contesting Autotest, Production Car Autotest, Autosolos and Trials then you only require the FREE RS Clubman licence. In 2019 for the National B events you needed a Non-Race National B licence (cost 29) for any event that was National B. That licence has been discontinued, so for Interclub events you now need the RS Interclub licence, costing at least 69! By running our championship events at Clubman status you've saved 69 for 2020!!! Note that higher grade licences will always cover the lesser grade events, so if you do hold a RS Interclub licence so that you can go Rallying, Sprinting or Hillclimbing then your licence will cover you for the Clubman events.

What does this mean for organisers?

You do not need to run your event as Dual-Permit, just Clubman. You will not need two permits or two sets of results. You can still have awards for best Clubman (my definition would be a competitor who is not registered for one of the championships that the event qualifies for). What you do need to include in your regulations is that the event is open to the relevant championship contenders. Many of our championship Trials and Autotests are also qualifying BTRDA rounds, and they can be included in your Clubman event as one of the invited clubs - BTRDA will be issuing advice in the near future to organisers of such events. Permit fees for 2020 have been increased across the board by 5 but by "down-grading" from National B (Interclub) to Clubman you can save some of that!

Please pass this message on !!!

Published 20 December 2019