The Chairman, Bob Milloy, welcomed delegates to the meeting, which immediately followed the AGM.


20 member clubs were represented by 25 delegates as follows:


Apologies for absence were recorded from Ian Price (Blackpool South Shore MSC), Tom Dooley (BRSCC), Paul Dixon (Knutsford & DMC), David Bailey (Lancashire & Cheshire CC), Richard Pearl (Motor Sport NW and Wallasey MC), Mike Yates (Slaithwaite MC), Ann McCormack (Warrington & DMC) and Kevin Ikin (Whitchurch MC).


Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and were accepted on a proposal by Katy Mashiter (Kirkby Lonsdale MC) and seconded by Mike Cook (Quinton MC). MATTERS ARISING

Scrutineering seminars were now ongoing. George Smith and Gary Miles are proceeding with their plans, supported by the MSA.

The MSA website (www.msauk.org) was now up and running with easy access to club information. Clubs were invited to include their own material and links to their own websites, at no cost.

The threat to the British Grand Prix had been given a stay of execution, with thanks to those who sent letters to Max Mosley as requested by Bill Troughear, Chairman of the MSA Regional Committee.

Details of the BARS schools authorised to carry out assessments for applicants for Stage Rally competition licences were now available. No reports have been received from anyone who has attended.

Colin Hilton had picked up some of the points raised at the last meeting - colour change of competition licences to ease identification, lack of publicity regarding the new stage rally licensing, issues for Rally Committee to be made through our representative Sue Sanders- Peppitt.


Eric Cowcill reported that the MSA were to become more transparent. Subject to approval, there will be opportunities for club members to observe committee meetings, although not allowed to be involved in debate.

A new sub-committee, Industrial Liaison, was being formed to create stronger links with industry. Chairman is Alan Gow. The committee would look at circuit facilities, and the MSA were planning a minimum standard.

Equalisation between National and FIA Championship technical regulations was being sought. The MSC are not in favour of one-make championships.

The British Grand Prix had been on the brink of being thrown out of the World Formula 1 Championship. Letters of support had swayed the FIA. A spin-off from this had been more contact with Members of Parliament, and they are now more aware of the benefits of British Motorsport. A weekly report on the Grand Prix discussions was going through government.

The MSA was looking at bringing leisure karting into its control, and to encourage participants (estimated to be 1.5 million) to become licensed competitors (currently 10k).

The minimum age of marshals was being investigated following the injuries to marshalling youngsters in the Carlos Sainz Network Q incident. The minimum age is 14, with youngsters categorised as 14-16 Child, 16-18 Junior Adult, 18+ Adults. The person who nominates a child will be liable for that child. Under 16 year olds must be supervised.

The Rally Safety Study Group will be publishing its' report on 28th February.

Clubs will be asked to nominate a Chief Marshal who will be listed in the MSA Year Book 2003.

Proposals have been made for a National Rally Marshals Register, with different levels and standards of training. Videos and booklets will be funded by the Motorsport Safety Fund. Marshals will be supplied with an identification tag and tabard, and a re-emphasis on their responsibilities. Spectator Safety Officers and Safety Plans will be required for events. It is possible that the Safety Plan should include names of marshals at specific points. This is all insurance led following the incidents on recent events.

Stuart Turner and Allan Dean-Lewis are planning a road show to publicise the changes that will be approved.

Colleges will be contacted for publicity. Mike Farnworth is liaising with Myerscough College, Preston and trainers will be asked to attend association meetings. The project is association led with a register and upgrading of standards.


Application to join the Association, including cheque for subscription, received from the Dayz of Funder Motorsport Club. This club is a charity-raising club chaired by John Francis, and is applying for affiliation to the MSA. The application was proposed by Dave Thomas, seconded by Kay Skellern, and approved.

Letter from Caernarvonshire & Anglesey MC regretting that due to the losses suffered with the cancellation of the Rally of Wales 2001 the prizes in respect of the ANWCC Championships 2000 could not be carried forward. Also the Rally of Wales 2002 would no longer incorporate an event suitable for the ANWCC Championship therefore Rob Dick's prize of a free entry to the Panaround Rally, for winning the ANWCC Stage Rally Championship 2001, would become a free entry on the Glyn Memorial Stages, subject to confirmation by the club committee. Phil Squires' free entry to the Rally of Wales 2002, for winning the ANWCC Forest Rally Championship 2001, would be honoured.

Organisers of Motorsport events taking place within the County Borough of Conwy had received letters detailing important changes relating to the council involvement. Basically, the use or crossing of footpaths would require official closures which would be chargeable. This primarily affected the use of Penmachno Forest and the Alwen stage in Clocaenog.

Letter received from Harlech & District MC informing us that they had seen fit to expel a member who had been drunk and disorderly, requiring the involvement of the Police, during the running of their Novice Road Rally in December 2001. The member involved has previously served a 12-month ban from holding a MSA Competition Licence due to indiscretions on an event in 2000.

Invitation to the Malcolm Wilson Rally, scheduled for 9 March and a qualifying round in the RED ANWCC Forest Rally Championship - accepted.

Details of seminars for non-licensed officials, the meetings in our area being held at Lancaster, Leeds and Telford.



Kay thanked Knutsford & DMC for their help in organising the recent Awards Presentation.

Nothing further to report other than covered elsewhere in these minutes.


All subscriptions bar one (Triumph Sporting OC) have been paid for 2002. Otherwise as reported in the AGM.


The number of Championship contenders for 2002 currently stood at 234, exactly the same number as at the same date in 2001. However, last year things ground to a halt a few weeks later and it was hoped there would not be a repeat.

The championship calendar was looking healthy and our sponsors had agreed to continue for 2002. Some events had already been held and well-enjoyed with a number of competitors having scored points.

Ecurie Royal Oak MC's stage rally planned for Binbrook the previous weekend had been cancelled due to lack of entries and this gave cause for some concern. Rumours of the cancellation started on the web and it was also suspected that there was some disquiet last year due to competitors not being permitted to continue if they missed a control (as per MSA regulations!)

Our Hillclimb Championship was looking promising with Scammonden confirmed for use during the summer months.


Martin Pratt stressed the encouragement to join Local Access Forums, which are being set up in each county. It is important that every club gets in touch with its' local authority and to be represented on the forums. More details from Martin.


Mike Ashcroft stated that events will happen in 2002. There had been a track inspection in September and Mike was not impressed by the contents of the report prepared by John Symes' replacement inspector, showing an apparent lack of knowledge of the venue, being vague and incorrect. It is unlikely that any work will be started until after the Grand National (April 6th), following which there will be a further inspection.

A joint inspection is required for the licence, which is an annual licence from the MSA and three-yearly for the ACU. Defects have been given the same priority for ACU racing as for Sprints and Rallies.

The development group was applying for funding from the Local Authority and the North-West Development Agency for a feasibility study, which should be authorised by the end of May. The planning application depends on environmental impact. This is a commercial venture for the development of the site, clubs will fit in with whatever happens.

Cost to hire the venue for Motorsport has been set at 2,500 +VAT per day, if booked via Mike Ashcroft.


Swynnerton - Potteries & Newcastle MC had run their Pantastic Stages on 30 December 2001. Although deemed a non-spectator venue they had got in. Along with service crew members and retired competitors there were a lot of spectators on the stage. The authorities were concerned over the damage to the venue surface, fences and the guinea fowl (at 25 each). The venue is only useable on a few days per annum due to live ammunition being used, and continued usage is not guaranteed. Negotiations will continue.

Weeton - Clitheroe & DMC had used the venue in December 2001 and the North-West Stages would be using it the weekend following this meeting. Other events are planned there during 2002.


Katy Mashiter is available to assist any clubs seeking help, and we are continually seeking new advertisers for ANWCC NeWs.


Mike Farnworth reported that Rescue Training was scheduled for March 2nd/3rd. 53 people had attended the Rally Training Day, and this was down on previous years. Two potential new radio operators had emerged from the day, whilst only about 6 Stage Commanders had attended. A drop from 60 to 16 Recovery personnel attending was of concern.

The MSA was putting more emphasis on training, and there was a good team in the North-West prepared to attend club meetings during the evenings. Thanks were recorded to the British Radio Car Association for their help and enthusiasm at the training days, with good liaison being shown.


Martin Pratt stated that the system was working well. The MSA have already notified him of an event in his patch in December 2002!


The problem of stage rally competitors being excluded for missing a control (K35.1) has been heatedly debated by many competitors and organisers. Various suggestions have been made to get round the problem. It is necessary for competitors to lobby the Rallies Committee whilst clubs should apply the rules as written to highlight the problem.

The website www.anwcc.org was now up and running and will be developed further over the next few weeks.


This concluded the business of the meeting at 2245 hours and delegates were thanked for their attendance.

The next meeting of the Association of North- Western Car Clubs will be held in the Holiday Inn, Runcorn on Tuesday 14th May.

Future meetings are scheduled for 13th August, 12th November 2002 and 11th February 2003 (including AGM).


... for the Ordinary Meeting of the Association of North-Western Car Clubs, which will be held at Holiday Inn Runcorn, on Tuesday 14th. May, commencing at 2000 hours.

The meeting will be attended by John Symes, Head of Risk management at the MSA. Details of any questions or topics to be dealt with should be submitted in advance to the General Secretary, to enable the necessary research.

p.p. Kay Skellern
General Secretary - Association of North-Western Car Clubs
17 Johnson Close, Henshall Hall, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3TQ