The Chairman, Bob Milloy, welcomed delegates to the meeting, and also welcomed John Symes, Head of Risk Management at the MSA. It was noted that two prominent Motor Sport people had recently died - Ray Wiltshire, MSA Chairman-elect and Ian Bax, founder of the Triple-C Speed Championship.


22 member clubs were represented by 26 delegates as follows:


Apologies for absence were recorded from Kay Skellern (General Secretary), Martin Pratt (CTRLO/FLO), Tom Dooley (British Racing & Sports CC North-West), Martin Nield (Lancashire & Cheshire CC), John Harden (Liverpool MC), Mike Yates (Slaithwaite MC), Kevin Witton (Wolverhampton & South Staffs CC)


Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and were accepted on a proposal by Katy Mashiter (Kirkby Lonsdale MC) and seconded by Steve Johnson (CSMA), after the following amendments were noted:


The Rally Safety Committee report had resulted in the National Rally Marshals Training Scheme. Steve Johnson expressed concern over "grandfather rights", publicity, spread of venues and the requirement to attend. More venues and training sessions were required. John Symes outlined the reasoning behind the scheme, and the insurance requirements, training certification was necessary. In response to the "grandfather rights" query it was stated that you are never too old to learn, and that the training requirement should not be seen as a bar to enjoying Motorsport. There were opinions that the hobby was getting too much like work. Registration on the scheme would entail all marshals receiving newsletters and the opportunity for prizes and rewards. There is a problem in cascading the information through clubs, clubs will receive a supply of posters, etc., and the involvement of four manufacturers should ensure publicity and interest in the scheme. Peter Riley asked why the scheme was only for rallies, the reply being that this is the first discipline to be addressed. Steve Johnson highlighted the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme which encourages youth groups and colleges and that Motorsport is an eligible qualification. The scheme was also to thank and encourage marshals.


John Symes outlined his role within the MSA, acting as the link between the Insurers and Motorsport in very difficult times.

Jim Spencer questioned the changes to the Child Protection Act which makes organisers responsible for under 18-year-olds on events. No-one under 16 is to be placed in a dangerous position, with suitable tasks being found for 12-16-year-olds in the paddock and such areas. Organisers and adults must show common sense. This does apparently lead to conflict of getting youngsters involved, against liability.

John Francis stated that he was having problems in getting his club recognised by the MSA. Although the standard pack had been sent out by the MSA, he felt that the MSA personnel should be more approachable. At the present he did not have the required 25 members but this was soon rectified as a number of attendees paid the subscription fee (2) to join. As Chairman of the Dayz of Funder Motor Club, the fastest-growing club in Britain, John thanked the meeting.

Mike Ashcroft asked John Symes what he thought would be the biggest threat to Motorsport in the next ten years. John gave a number of possibilities - environmental (karts); noise levels (uphold existing regulations, venue owners at fault); government proposals ref the 14-day ruling for use of land (this could cause major problems); responsibility and duty of care legislation; definition of what is a public place; recruitment of volunteer officials - more options, less responsibility; age of litigation; marshals responsibility (payments, insurance); car technology (difficulty in scrutineering, performance); safety (racing easier than rallying to control). In response to this Mike Ashcroft asked if we are taking enough steps to address these issues to which John Symes response was that things could be better.


Eric Cowcill reported that Michael Southcombe was carrying on as Chairman following the death of Chairman-elect Ray Wiltshire. The Rally Marshals Register may abolish the regional register of Timekeepers but acknowledge Chief Timekeepers on events as licenced. The 14-day ruling on land and planning consent had been well-worked on by the MSA although little publicity had been given. Feedback was gained from all events held on one weekend in March to ascertain the effects, there is a serious threat according to Ian Davis of the MSA. The MSA request club members not to lobby their MP, they will advise clubs when action is necessary. The ACU is also involved in discussions.

John Symes stated that the "Blue Book" is to be reduced in size, with regulations being reviewed!


Bob Milloy reported on the Regional Committee meeting held on 13th March, where members were introduced to Kevin Paye, newly appointed General Manager of the MSA. "The Rights of Way Act" was ongoing. Inter-Association championship events were discussed, with dates set for Rally, Trials, Allrounders and ATV events. The suggestion that the Inter-Association Stage Rally be a single-venue event in 2003 had been decided, with the venue being Swinderby in Lincolnshire. The 2002 event is the Quinton Stages on 27th July. Other events are the Autotest at Knutsford on 27th July, the RTV Trial on 28th September at Ludlow, the PCT at Shipton-on-Stow in the Midlands on 1st September, the Autocross at Chepstow on 28th and 29th September and the Road Rally on 16th November at Jedburgh.


Sue Sanders reported that the next meeting was the following day. There is concern over the BARS training days, happening in a fair and equitable fashion, although schools are commercially not requiring the business of new licence seekers. Copies of the examination papers had been reviewed and were sound, although the system was less structured that perhaps intended. 135 people had been through the school with only about 10% take-up for licences.

Despite promises in the minutes of the previous Rallies Committee Meeting that publicity would be sent to clubs regarding the K31(a) "exclusion for missing a control" debate nothing had been sent out. The debate was continuing and would be on the agenda for the following day.


Peter Riley had not been able to attend the last meeting on 26th March but reported that silencing was rearing it's ugly head again, although no changes to existing regulations were pending. There was nothing further to report regarding young drivers. Proposed changes in license upgrading and additional grade of National A Super License, with the number of signatures required for upgrading changing.


Application for membership received from Matlock Motor Club was proposed by Dave Thomas, seconded by Bob Milloy and accepted. Newtown & District AC were showing an interest in joining although no official application had been received to date.

The Association had been requested to support a proposal of Alan Bibby of Wigan & DMC to the MSA Rallies Committee and formal proposal had been submitted to the MSA.

Details of the Marshals Training Day to be held, with our local venue being Chester on 25th June.

Plea from Ann McCormack of Warrington & DMC for marshals for the forthcoming Enville Stages.

Promotional literature from Phoenix Ambulance, based in Chesterfield (080800 112999) who will do event medical cover.



The Secretary had sent apologies for absence, nothing to report other than covered elsewhere in these minutes.


Eric Cowcill reported that accounts were stable. TSOC had now paid their subscription, this being the last of the renewals with no lapsed memberships. Subscription to the North-West Federation for Sport, Recreation & Conservation had been paid.


Dave Thomas reported that the Championships were looking healthy with the number of registrations on 334 and about 100 events planned for the year. Results for events were being sent without any problem and the championship charts and event results were being displayed on www.anwcc.org which was receiving a lot of hits, having exceeded 1,000 since launch in February.


Martin Pratt had submitted apologies for absence, with nothing to report. It was noted that the Forestry charges for 1st April 2002 to 31st March 2003 had been set at 392 primary use and 289 for second usage, a small increase over the 2001/2 rates.


Mike Ashcroft reported that track inspections had been carried out with some repairs required. Meeting had been held between Liverpool MC, Aintree Circuit Club and the regional officer of the Sports Council. ACC would not contribute to costs of about 7k, but offered 1/3rd. John Harden, Chairman of LMC and Clerk-of-the-Course on Sprints, had obtained alternative contractors and the track licence had been issued. The first event had been held with no problems reported. The provisional calendar for 2003 would be based on 2002, Liverpool MC were still looking to run a Stage Rally in October. Jaguar had held a cavalcade on 1st April and Le Jog wished to visit the venue in December 2002. Confirmation of funding for a feasibility study was awaited, possible in July 2002. No application had been made to the MSA Club Development Fund due to there being no guarantee of tenure.


Weeton events were ongoing.


Katy Mashiter reported that advertisements in NeWs, and on the website, were due for renewal and she would contact the advertisers. Other advertisers are welcome.


Mike Farnworth reported that a Rally Training Day was scheduled for Myerscough College, Preston on 25th and 26th January 2003 with accommodation available at little cost. The venue offered excellent facilities and funding from grants. Leaflets have already been printed and are being distributed.

Other training programmes are gathering pace - Race, Sprints, Hillclimbs. Looking at funding with Allan Dean-Lewis of the MSA, and finishing rally training videos. BTCC drivers now helping out and recognising marshals. Permanent stand at Oulton Park has brought in 40 new members.

John Francis reported that a piece on marshalling different types of disciplines was to go in "The Marshall" and BMMC newsletters.


No report.


Bill Turner asked why was "Wheels" not on the website, to which the reply is that it is!

Steve Johnson enquired about the Inter-Association Autotest and authorization was given for two teams to be entered and supported.

Sue Sanders stated that Jim Jones of C&AMC had asked for a dates meeting between the Welsh and North-Western Associations. It was felt that dates meetings have not been fruitful in the past, clubs are asked to submit their dates for the August meeting but there are inevitably changes due to circumstances beyond our control.

Bob Milloy commented on the excellent book "The First Sixty Years of the Lancashire & Cheshire Car Club" written by Eric Cheetham.

John Francis thanked all those who had contributed to last year's Track Day and also his participation in the London Marathon, raising about 4k.


This concluded the business of the meeting at 2245 hours and delegates were thanked for their attendance, also thanks to John Symes for attending.

The next meeting of the Association of North-Western Car Clubs will be held in the Holiday Inn, Runcorn on Tuesday 13th August 2002.

Future meetings are scheduled for 12th November 2002 and 11th February 2003 (including AGM).


... for the Ordinary Meeting of the Association of North-Western Car Clubs, which will be held at Holiday Inn Runcorn, on Tuesday 13th August, commencing at 2000 hours.

The meeting will be attended by Allan Dean-Lewis MBE, Training & Development Executive at the MSA and President of the ANWCC. Details of any questions or topics to be dealt with should be submitted in advance to the General Secretary, to enable the necessary research.

p.p. Kay Skellern
General Secretary - Association of North-Western Car Clubs
17 Johnson Close, Henshall Hall, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3TQ