The Chairman, Bob Milloy, welcomed delegates to the meeting,


20 member clubs were represented by 23 delegates as follows:


Apologies for absence were recorded from Allan Dean-Lewis (President), Mike Ashcroft (Aintree Liaison Officer), Sue Sanders-Peppitt (Potteries & Newcastle MC), Mike Cook (Quinton MC) and Richard Duddell (Westfield Sports CC)


A couple of errors had crept into the previous minutes, as follows:

[1] The word “not” had been missed from the following sentence, completely changing the statement. Correct wording should have been …

“The issue of re-fuelling had not persuaded the Committee to propose any new regulations and instead, a list of ‘best practices’ for re-fuelling and service areas should be made available to Clubs and for discussion.”

[2] Part of the item regarding fire extinguishers had been omitted from the printed copies of minutes issued (it had been corrected on the website version). The full minute should read as follows …

“Martin Fox asked that the Association convey to the MSA Wigan & DMC’s view on how ineffective ‘AFFF’ is as a fire extinguishant. The Chairman noted the comment and added that the MSA were investigating alternatives. Steve Johnson then explained some of the technicalities of fire extinguishers.

This subject matter led to Steve Moore being invited by the Chairman to outline his written proposal ‘Possibility of Introducing a Fire Tender on ANWCC rounds’, which is appended (see below) in full to these Minutes. The Chairman suggested that rather than considering a way of putting out fires the reason for so many recent incidents should be investigated. The general view was that most recent fires are petrol related.

A useful exchange of alternative ideas that Clubs could consider in lieu of an ANWCC fire tender included use of ‘domestic type’ pressure washers with a suitable reservoir for 2% AFFF and water solution and a generator mounted on a trailer, in a van or recovery unit, to be provided by individual clubs for deployment at any venue without the complications of a regionally based/managed vehicle and crew. Steve Johnson offered technical advice to help advance this initiative. Any further thoughts would be welcome.

Steve Johnson noted his intention to provide a licenced rescue unit to cover a forthcoming road rally in the event of the fire service being on strike.”

Following the above amendments, the minutes of the previous meeting which had been circulated by post and e-mail were accepted on a proposal by Katy Mashiter (Morecambe CC), seconded by Ken Wilkinson (Stockport MC). MATTERS ARISING

It was reported that the Marshals Register of the MSA had not been generally available to organisers, although plans were in hand.

Risk assessments on rallies – the Chairman reported that standard check sheets had not yet materialised. Sue Sanders-Peppitt had reported that further discussions were ongoing at the Rallies Committee level.

The Chairman reported that it is disappointing that he had not been inundated with “bullet points” of matters affecting the future of club-level motorsport, only one club (Wigton MC) having responded, highlighting the loss of venues for motor sport.

Previous reports that there would be no Insurance premium cashback for 2002 had proved incorrect, organisers having been surprised by a cheque. There would, however, be little likelihood of a cashback for 2003.

The point about fire extinguishers, raised by Martin Fox, had been highlighted to the MSA, who are aware and are investigating. Specialist Committees were to check current specifications and use. Mike Farnworth reported awareness of a new hand-held systems, being tested comparative to Halon replacements, and announcements would be forthcoming. An on-board system was also being marketed in the near future. Mike promised to keep us informed for website bulletins.


The new Chairman, John Grant, had been interviewed for a press release and expressed his wish to align with European regulations which included universal licencing, to include competition licences for club events.

Eric Cowcill reported on a moratorium on competitors going abroad, although this would only apply for this year. Clubs are now required to register events which would permit acceptance of entries from abroad, at a fee.

The meeting held 6th February had not seen many matters discussed, items being publicised by web press releases. The number of insurance brokers accepting motor sport risks was reducing. It is now necessary for a risk assessment to be carried out on any event where there were five or more organisers – this affects all events. Risk assessments should be relatively simple and based on common sense, identifying the risk, probability, frequency, severity and control. Safety Plans should also be considered for all events. A template for Safety Plans should be available in the near future.

The Rally Marshals register had been instrumental in avoiding rallying falling into a great abyss. Insurers had waited for the study group’s response before deciding to continue. The seminars hosted by Allan Dean-Lewis and Stuart Turner had been instrumental in preventing rallying being stopped completely. The situation was continually under review.

Stuart Turner was working on five new videos, two of which are about to be released. These cover such things as fire-fighting. The Marshals video had now been send to ASN’s all around the world. The MSF (Motorsport Safety Fund) was continually in need of funding, all donations being gratefully received.

Marshals awards – Alexander Forbes were keen to rekindle a Rally Marshal of the Year award. This could be subjective but may be done through the Associations.

Changes to the 14/28 ruling, affecting venues for motor sport, had been knocked out following pressure from various groups. The current problem affecting Green Lanes is being looked at by LARA.

The Motorsport Strategy Development Group, chaired by Alan Gow, reported that rallying is not forgotten. Mike Broad is heading a group to look at rallying. Race groups are forging ahead, starting at the top. It was deemed that there were too many championships and events, and too few marshals and organisers.

The MSA now has links to government, with avenues to funding. The government pay £3M for football stewards, the MSA attempting to tap into this fund.

The MSA now has a Business Development Manager, Bruce Goddard. Press Releases have been issued.

Colin Wilson has left the MSA and is now freelance.

Derek Tye has left the MSA, Malcolm Neill has left IMS and Tony Newsum is going soon.


There has been no Regional Committee meeting since our previous meeting. Next meeting due on 26th March, with only two meetings scheduled per annum.


The formalising of “Solos” is on the agenda for the 5 Feb meeting.


Items on the agenda for the 13 Feb meeting include;

Exclusion for lateness is still rumbling on, with views relating to Exclusion or Elimination and the point at which such penalty should be applied. K31(a) wording to be reviewed.

Refuelling – service areas best practices. Environmental spill kits. “New Pig” sponsors of the Scottish championship instrumental in such publicising products. Suggested that all service vehicles be equipped with kits.

Stage Rally technical specifications being reviewed by John Symes, concern over such possibilities as Vauxhall Tigra fitted with Honda Blackbird engine. Road Rally tyre rules causing concern.

Revised SOS/OK boards regulations not thought out properly. Radio Operators incident forms could play a part.

Steve Johnson asked about the Road Rally Working Group – off-shoot of Rallies Committee. Concern over speeds of vehicles and use of 4x4 Turbos on Road Rallies. Asking Associations to oversee rallies in their area? Steve suggested that rules should be applied properly.


Rights of Way – Countryside Agency. Now that the Motorsport Facilities Unit (MFU) is no longer active, Allan Dean-Lewis has picked up MFU correspondence re map changes with information available in “lower North-West” – open tracts of land designated access.

Application received from Barcud MC to rejoin the ANWCC, accepted.

Application for membership received and accepted from Cumbrian Rover Owners Club, their representative Neil Wilkinson being present. The club was established in 1970 and has about 80 members.

Notice from Oulton Park Racing Circuit regarding the Gold Cup on 24/25 August, a Historic Meeting with cars from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, plus star names in attendance. The letter invited club stands at the circuit. Further details from Philip Bannermann, tel 01829 760301.

Information regarding awnings from Chequered Flag, 01694 781544.

Information regarding marquees and awnings from City B Marquees, 01782 790306.



Nothing to report other than included elsewhere.


There are a few clubs who have still not paid their subscriptions, these will be receiving further invoices.

The cost of room hire for our meetings was being raised from £60 to £70.


Dave Thomas reported that 232 competitors had registered for this years championships (compared to 238 at the same time last year). Six events had been held to date, with lots of events in next few weeks.

Various comments had been outlined in the previous minutes, and some changes had been introduced for the Championships. Classes for Sprints and Hillclimbs had been further split to encourage new competitors, and totally new for 2003 is the Marshals Championship. Organisers are asked to assist in distributing claim cards to marshals and officials on events. Marshals Championship prizes to be sought, such ideas as travelling and hotel vouchers being suggested. Steve Johnson had obtained a source for marshals overalls, and high-viz vests @ £4.50 + VAT. A draw was held out of all the claims received for January, a total of 59, and the winner was Lee Matthews of Caernarvonshire & Anglesey MC.

Also new for 2003 is the Off-Road Trials Championship, hosted by the Lancashire & Cheshire Rover Owners Club, six events starting in March. The Championship is sponsored by Ledgers.

Approximately 65% of the competitors registered have indicated they are willing to obtain information via the website, this will help reduce postage and printing costs. On the strength of this saving new decals have been purchased to help publicise the championships.

One curious fact has emerged – eight of the ten youngest championship contenders are female!

Our website www.anwcc.org was launched twelve months ago and to date there have been 12,700 hits, the average now over 1,000 per month and growing. Keeping the site up-to-date is a big job but worthwhile. Some of the planned ideas have not yet happened – such as event reports (due to time) and photo gallery (time and space) but these are being worked on. Also new but unofficial is the Crystal Balls Championship where people are asked to predict the top five crews on rallies.


Martin Pratt was not present, nothing to report.


Mike Ashcroft had sent apologies for not being present. Renault were planning a track day at Aintree. John Harden reported that a meeting was planned with the Racecourse company two days after our meeting, with fees for 2004 being on the agenda.


Weeton will be having at least two events in 2003, the first being organised by Stockport MC on March 30th with their Centenary Stages.


Anyone wishing assistance with the Press may contact Katy Mashiter for advice. Advertising on our website is now a possibility.


Mike Farnworth reported on a fantastic weekend at Myerscough College, Preston with 200 people of all levels, including students of the College. Ten students had also attended the Fire Training at Oulton Park on 9th February, and were volunteering for rally duties – this being included on the college curriculum.

Myerscough has been booked for 24th and 25th January 2004. Rescue units and MSA assessors were present this year and the MSA is likely to use the venue in future.

First Aid Course run by Rick Bate will include rally, hillclimb and sprint accident procedures. Volunteers obtained to run two more sessions. HSE recognised as Motor Sport specific.

MSA looking at funding Training properly as previous problems with Trust Fund linked to Stock Market. Myerscough funding done under the ANWCC banner!

Clubs requiring the video should contact Mike who can support.


No report in Martin Pratt’s absence.


Steve Johnson raised the matter of the discrepancy on clubs listed in the MSA Year Book. This had been raised with the MSA and the answer is that the MSA listing of member clubs of Association is based on the clubs who have renewed their MSA subscription as at the end of July, whereas the list of clubs recognised by the MSA us taken at the end of August. It was noted that of the 85 clubs on the list submitted by ANWCC only 58 appear in the Year Book. Of the 27 missing (due to not having renewed with the MSA at 31st July 2002) 11 do appear on the list of MSA affiliated clubs having renewed between 31st July and 30th August. This was considered unsatisfactory and could lead to competitors experiencing difficulties at event signing-on as club officials would not be aware of which clubs are members of the Association.

The family of Gareth Hall had indicated, at the Awards Presentation that they would like to present a Trophy to the Association in memory of their son.


The meeting closed at 2215 hours, members were thanked for attending. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th May 2003 at the Holiday Inn, Runcorn, commencing at 2000 hours.


... for the Ordinary Meeting of the Association of North-Western Car Clubs, which will be held at Holiday Inn Runcorn, on Tuesday 13th May 2003, commencing at 2000 hours. Allan Dean-Lewis of the MSA, and also President of the ANWCC, will be in attendance to answer any questions.

p.p. Kay Skellern
General Secretary - Association of North-Western Car Clubs
17 Johnson Close, Henshall Hall, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3TQ